"LINE-X Sprayed-On Truck Bedliner - not just a truck accessory...but a truck necessity! Outperforms and Outlasts other sprayed-on or drop-in bedliners. Rated number one in customer satisfaction."

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LINE-X specializes in spray elastomers polyurethanes and polyureas. LINE-X is establishing the national and international markets for spray elastomer protective coatings. It is the function of LINE-X to involve more people and businesses in sprayable polyurethane technology, as well as continue to make the public aware of LINE-X.

LINE-X, through many years of actual field testing, has put together a package that makes it relatively simple to get involved in this major market. It requires specialized equipment combined with the right kinds of material to produce the sprayable elastomeric coatings.

The custom equipment is a mainstream polyurethane plural-component machine. The use of mainstream equipment allows the applicator do more than just coat pick-up trucks or spray elastomeric coatings! The equipment allows you to get involved in many other polyurethane/polyurea markets.

LINE-X currently consists of several different products. All systems utilize a two- component, spray-in-place, 100% solids (no air pollution), thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurea.

There are two separate materials that are precisely dispensed through a high pressure, plural component internal mixing polyurethane spray machine. They are each heated to 120-140 degrees with the temperature maintained through a heated hose. Using high pressure, the materials are mixed internally at a 1:1 ratio at the tip of the spray gun. As the material is applied it takes less than 5 seconds for it to harden. As soon as LINE-X lands on the surface it's dry!

LINE-X products are a fast cure, multipurpose, series of coatings designed for a wide range of retail, commercial, and industrial uses. They exhibit excellent adhesion to most properly prepared surfaces. With its fast cure time it can be sprayed vertically and even overhead without running or dripping. There are no solvents associated with LINE-X products, which means there are no air pollutants or harmful environmental contaminates. Because of the fast cure time and the absence of solvents, a custom thickness is as easy as just spraying more or less material.

LINE-X Coatings are resistant to most solvents and acids, making them ideal for industrial and commercial applications where corrosion is prevalent. Using LINE-X greatly extends equipment and vehicle life expectancy. It has a high "shore D" hardness rating, offering excellent  impact resistance and superior tensile strengths (up to 6,600 psi) resulting in outstanding abrasion resistance. Because the material is sprayed there is a complete seal, making the coating "water tight".

LINE-X is the latest formulation in sprayable polyurethane and polyurea elastomers. The different versions have been tested and reformulated to assure the highest quality products available. There is an ongoing process to develop and produce a wider and more diverse product line. The future looks very bright because polyurethane and polyurea products are replacing both fiberglass and epoxy!

It is the goal of LINE-X to continue to produce the highest quality and most reliable materials available as well as to continue to develop new products. LINE-X will continue to explore all types of processing equipment to provide the best and most efficient application process available.

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